MAHOR Race Rules
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1) A maximum of one (1) primary car may be entered per driver. All cars will be impounded prior to qualifying and will be released after the drivers' respective finals have concluded. Drivers may elect to have a backup car on hand for the duration of the race, and it must pass tech before being eligible for use in the race.

2) The primary car must be used for the duration of the race unless failure occurs. Failure of the car constitutes either a significant drop in speed or complete immobility due to reasons other than lack of maintenance (cleaning, oiling, adjusting, etc.). Upon failure of the car, the driver may elect to either repair the car or enter a backup car and resume racing. Repairs may be done at any time except during the driver's required marshaling period following their qualifying & final heat. Drivers who elect to repair or replace their car with a backup are not eligible for move-ups in the finals.

3) Visual inspection and wheel width tech will be done before the start of each qualifying heat. No un-teched cars may be run during the race. Cars that fail this portion of tech may not enter the race unless corrections are made to make the car legal.

4) Arm tech may be done on the top five finishers in each class at the committee's discretion, and those cars will be impounded at the conclusion of the race. Cars failing arm tech will be disqualified.

5) No substance of any kind (i.e. WD-40, tire goop) is permitted on the tires at the starting line or when the car is put on the track after lane changes.

6) Driver order will be determined by draw before the race and then be determined by qualifying before main heats.

7) Tracks will open by no later than 3PM for practice. However, the track owner may elect to open their track for practice at 2PM. Racing will commence no later than 5PM, except by the discretion of the owner and/or by the group's schedule.

8) Race fees will be $10 at all tracks (with the exception of special race events) where the race host provides dinner. The host will receive $8 of every $10 collected. If the host elects to not provide dinner, race fees will be $5, with $3 of every $5 collected going to the host.

9) Practice will be between 2 and 3 minutes per lane. Drivers must marshal at the marker of the lane color they wish to practice on prior to actual practice. Drivers may not move to another lane for practice (unless it is open) without marshalling first. It is the driver's responsibility to select, prepare and setup the best car for the race during practice.

10) Drivers must not remove their cars from the track before their laps-sections are tallied after the last heat . Drivers who violate this rule will receive zero (0) sections for the heat.

11) Drivers are allowed 1 minute of warm-up/practice on their first lane for qualifying only. Drivers may make adjustments to their car during the race, but must do so at the driver's station and perform the adjustments themselves.

12) Race format will consist of 2-minute qualifying heats followed by 3-minute final heats. Drivers are allowed one (1) minute during lane changes after which the race will resume. Lane marshals are advised to clear the area around the track to allow drivers quick access to their cars during lane changes. All drivers must use a location marker of some kind to indicate their car's position during lane rotation.

13) All drivers are required to marshal the heat directly after their qualifying and finals heat. Exceptions will be made for new drivers and drivers who are unable to effectively marshal.

14) Following the qualifying heat, drivers are placed in the order of finish by number of laps turned. The first finals heat will consist of the 4-6 drivers with the lowest lap total. Drivers arriving too late to enter qualifying for their class will be placed in the first finals heat and will not be eligible for move-ups. The top qualifier in each finals heat gets first lane choice prior to start of the heat. The other drivers in the heat get lane choice based on their qualifying order with the move-up driver getting the remaining lane.

15) Keeping the car in the slot is the driver's responsibility. If a car deslots, the car will be returned to the track by a marshal. Marshals will do their best to replace the car in a timely fashion and are advised to watch the cars and not the race. Drivers may point out to a marshal that a car needs attention, but drivers may not curse, scream, or abuse the marshals. Drivers who have been deemed by a majority of the committee members present at a race as abusive to a marshal will be warned after the first instance and then docked 1 lap per incident afterwards.

16) Lap totals from the finals will determine finishing order by respective heats. The winning car from each final heat will be photographed after the race and will appear with the driver's name on the race results web page. All drivers' names and results will be shown in their respective finals heats.